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About HIIG Creative Solutions (HCS)

HIIG Creative Solutions (HCS) is a joint venture between Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG) and Creative Risk Underwriters (CRU), offering seasoned claims and clinical assessment experience with best-in-class service to our policyholders and employees. HCS is proud to serve CRU and HIIG Accident & Health. Founded on September 1, 2017, HCS operates in Kennesaw, GA. as well as locations in Malvern, PA. and Wakefield, MA.

HCS is led by a seasoned management team of professionals with decades of experience in reimbursing insurance claims quickly. Most of our team members have worked together as co-workers as well as peers in the medical stop loss industry. This team history creates a unique culture of collaboration and joint success. We share proven expertise in not only excess claims, but also first dollar adjudication. In fact, most of our staff began their careers in first dollar coverage environments. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring each employer’s plan assets are protected and paid/reimbursed according to the underlying plan and the stop loss policy.

When you need an efficient claims review and expeditious reimbursement, you can count on HCS.

We target a 10-day turnaround for a clean claim.

Contact any member of our team. We’ll be happy to help you.